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The Power of Reading Habit

The Power of Reading Habit
Knowledge is more powerful than gold and diamonds – Unknown
Reading is an interesting and thrilling experience. It’s an adventurous journey. Today’s readers are tomorrow’s leaders. All the great living and non-living world leaders, achievers, sportspersons, highly successful businessmen have the common attribute of reading books.
It’s not the cup of tea of everyone. Only 10% of the population have a habit of reading. 40% of college graduates never touch books after the completion of their college education.
Why one should read? If you read what should be read? How much should be read? Is reading once in a while is enough or it’s a lifelong journey? Who should read? What’s age group or qualification is required to read? Do most people think that it’s not my job to read? Only school-going students or college-going students should read or people who are preparing for exams should read?
These are so many ways great personalities expressed their views on the power of reading.”
“Wear old coat but buy a book.” – Unknown
“Books are the best friends.” – Unknown
“Today’s readers are tomorrow’s leaders.” – Unknown
“All the leaders are readers.” – Unknown
“One man can live only one life in a lifetime. If you want to live many lives read many books.” – Unknown
“If you really want to learn from others mistakes better develop the habit of reading.” – Unknown
“To learn more about the life and the world either read books or travel the world.” – Unknown
“Books are cheap but the wisdom they give priceless.” – Unknown
“Books are low investment and high return investments.” – Unknown

Reading habit is an enriching experience. It increases knowledge. It makes us think, analyze and reflect on the ideas, thoughts. Learning happens faster, better by reading. Many people do so many things to read books some join colleges. Some buy books. Some take membership subscriptions of libraries. They do anything to read. But they love reading.
Reading beautifies the language. It enriches the language. It develops the strength of the language. It expands the thinking. It broadens the mind. It induces creativity. It increases the power of vocabulary. It gives more options to express your own ideas and thoughts.
Reading could be casual reading and serious reading. The objective of casual reading may be entertainment or to get information. But when we take reading as a serious activity then our life expands. Our life grows. It brings more options, more horizons, more opportunities, and more possibilities.

We can only grow by learning. When we learn then only can grow. No growth without learning. Reading is one of the best ways of learning. To learn something we don’t have to spend so much money, or we don’t have to go anywhere. We can simply learn by reading at our own comfort and convenience.
Take the example of any great personality from any field, politics, sports, literature, art, drama, science, technology, business, they all have the habit of reading. Reading really makes and shapes one’s character and personality. Charismatic leaders have self-confidence, excellent communication skills, presentation skills, negotiation skills, influencing skills, time management skills, stress management skills, people management, and money management skills all can be developed by reading on any topic. Books are an excellent source of wisdom from ancient, medieval, or modern eras on current affairs. That could be from any part of the world, any religion, or any culture, or geological area.

To become a good human being one should know what is right or wrong, what is good and bad, what is good for self, society or community can be differentiated. We can develop our life values, right beliefs, planning and organizing skills, personality, and character.
To lead a good, happy, successful, peaceful, prosperous, and healthy life we need wisdom from all the areas. We can learn and develop all the skills required to lead a happy and successful life reading is one of the best habits.

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