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We are experts in training on basic and advanced English speaking, personality development, corporate English, public speaking, interview skills, practical English speaking, leadership development, presentation skills, IELTS and TOEFL.

Spoken English

English is the largest spoken language in the world. More than 450 million people speak on the face of earth. It is the official language of more than 50 countries. English is the universal language of communication. English is the language of social interaction, official communication, business, corporate, education, literature, tourism, science, technology,  medical, and  internet. 

Personality Development

“If you have lost money; you have lost nothing;

If you have lost health; you have lost something;

If you have lost hope; you have lost everything”.

Personality either can make one’s life or can break one’s life. Personality is the ultimate differentiating factor in the journey of success.  It is the secret of success for world leaders. All the super successful achievers, sportspersons, entertainers, leaders and enterpreneurs know the power of a powerful personality. That is why they build their personality before they start the journey of success. The powerful personality includes developing their confidence, becoming effective in public speaking, building rapport with their team &  clients and dressing effectively for the occasion. To lead a team a leader has to be charismatic and influencing. Leaders are not born with personality; they build it before they go on the mission of their life.

Public Speaking

“History has repeatedly been changed by people who had the desire and the ability to transfer their convictions and emotions to their listeners”. – Dale Carnegie

“If you can speak; you can influence. If you can influence; you can change the world”.  – Unknown

The fear of public speaking is one of the biggest fears of the world. Whether speaking one on one or one with the audience it is always challenging and daunting. Most people are filled with enormous talent, and skills but fail to connect and express their ideas, thoughts, in front of people. Maybe people have the best ideas and strategies for any problems in the board meetings or groups but fear of public speaking  does not allow them to express their ideas. Fear of public speaking does not allow leaders to grow in their respective field. It limits their potential. It is the responsibility of the leader to overcome  fear of public speaking. 


Why English

English is the language of the internet era, science, technology, social, trade, and tourism. English is the most commonly spoken language all over the world.


Easy Communication

global language

Global Language

internet language

Internet Language

business language

Business Language

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Study Abroad

job interview

Job Interview

Explore Our Courses

Spoken English

It is the language universally spoken all over the world. It is the medium of communication for social interaction, business, education, tourism, internet, science and technology.


IELTS Preparation

The International English Language Testing System, is an international standardized test of English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers. It is jointly managed by the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge Assessment English, and was established in 1989. This English-language test for study, work and immigration.

TOEFL Preparation

When you choose the TOEFL iBT test to show your English proficiency, universities notice and know you’re ready to succeed. Accepted worldwide by more than 11,500 universities and institutions in over 160 countries, the TOEFL iBT test is the world’s premier English-language test for study, work and immigration.


Public Speaking

It is not that people lack talent or skills to handle situations but they lack public speaking skills. It is the secret of success for present, past and future world leaders. Fearless public speaking skills make the leaders communicate their vision to the team.

Train The Trainer

This customised train the trainer program helps  individuals to equip them to become effective soft skills and English language trainers. The participants will be able to learn and develop their training skills. After the completion of this course participants get Train The Trainer certification and they can start the journey as a soft skills and English Language trainer. 


Great Communication

It is the basic skill for social interaction. The mastery of communication is the mastery of life and career. Without communication skills nobody can achieve anything in their personal life and profession. You can’t live or work in a team or achieve your dreams without being effective in your communication. 


Interview Preparation

Interview is the most important step in anyone’s career to get a suitable job. An interview can make or break your path to success or your dream to work in a company that you desire. For that, candidates need to know what the process is and how to get prepared for an interview. 


Personality Development

Powerful personality can make  your life  and weak personality can ruin your life. Nobody achieved anything without being confident, organised, disciplined, committed and focused. It is almost impossible to achieve anything without having a positive approach, without self-confidence, without having a vision for the future and the right approach.



4.9 / 5 based on 650 Google Reviews

Maxam Mind is the institute where you can take one-on-sessions or group session or the mixture of both whichever is comfortable for you. Earlier I was facing lots of problems while speaking in English. But JD sir took the initiative to make me comfortable speaking in English. After joining the classes I am very much comfortable speaking in English. ​
Sumit Rajai​
I have been a part of this institute and have taken my experience of 2 months. I used to get very nervous and couldn't present myself in front my college presentations my college viva and I was an introvert personality, after taking training from maxam mind my confidence level was boosting day by day in each sessions it automatically changed the level of my thinking and built up my confidence. Thankyou so much maxam mind.
Sanika Pagare
My experience with Maxam Mind, was really amazing and it really helped in my English Communication and Personality Development. The way of teaching by each Lecturer/Trainer is unique and fun, we used to have mostly pratical session like games and public speaking session to get command over vocabulary and confidence over Speaking over stage.
Sangeet Nair
It was my good decision to join MAXAM MIND class. It helped me in improving my English communication skill. It also covered Grammer and Vocabulary sessions. I experienced special coaching in online sessions. Shri Jagganath Sir is very professional and he always allows students to speak,speak and speak in English. He takes care of student's background while practicing speaking / communication. After completing my course, I feel confident,motivated and fearless in having English communication with anyone.If anyone has a dream for fluency in English speaking please join MAXAM Mind Class.
Monica Kamble

#1 Spoken English Institute

Maxam Mind is a spoken English & personality development institute based in Mumbai. We are experts in training on English speaking, personality development, corporate English, public speaking, interview skills, practical English speaking, leadership development, presentation skills, IELTS and TOEFL. We conduct sessions on English grammar, vocabulary building, effective body language, voice modulation, accent neutralisation, written communication, business communication, basic English to advanced spoken English. First, we try to assess the level of the students, what are their problems, issues with English, and needs and expectations. Then we provide comprehensive solutions for their existing problems and we try to meet their expectations.

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