Maxam Mind is an educational and human resource development institute. It is established to empower the human resource through continuous education and training. We create educational products and services to empower individuals, groups, companies, institutes, communities, and societies. We constantly and never endingly improve ourselves for the advancement of our products and services. We have been doing this for more than 8 years. We have trained more than 25,000 participants around the country individually and in group.

The objective is to leverage human potential and enhance business performance, by offering a wide range of services which cater to all organizational Human Resource Management areas.

Maxam Mind is an innovative, creative and highly professional organization and takes pride in the quality, timeliness of delivery and value-add through the services, it provides. Through the study Maxam Mind enables people to unearth their potential and identify ways/solutions to give their best.We Maxam Mind design Customized training programs, and develop to address issues of specific concern to the organizations and individuals. All activities, games, assessments, role plays, techniques, exercises, etc. are designed to allow participants to learn and practice skills that would be most relevant and immediately useful to them and their organization. Each training program is based on Adult Learning Principles and Experiential Learning is developed by professional soft skills trainers.