Products and services for individuals

Basic level

In this, We cater to students who are housewives, school children (vernacular or English), aged or middle-aged people who do not know even how to read and write and have spelling problems but want to learn English to flourish their business, etc. we teach English and groom the personality of students right from the scratch or the fundamental level.

Intermediate level

In this, we cater to students who at least know how to read, speak or write basic English. However, students learn based on their level and expectation, they learn basic grammar, sentence framing, develop their vocabulary and they become more confident about their basics and become more advanced as and when they learn new concepts.

Advanced level

In this, we cater to students like corporate executives, businessmen or professionals. People are good at communication skills, they can read, write and understand but lack in the confidence, fluency and vocabulary. With the help of learning English, their fluency and confidence is improved.

Accent Neutralization

Accent Neutralisation is a peculiar style of speaking English. Many of us come from different linguistic backgrounds and our accent or style of speaking is influenced by our mother tongue. The same influence of mother tongue is applied naturally while speaking English. In order to reduce that, we have an Accent Neutralisation program where students are helped to minimise the mother tongue influence while speaking in English. We have simple and effective tools and techniques to reduce mother tongue influence.

Group discussion

As the name suggests, discussion amongst a group of people or students on a particular topic. “Group Discussion” popularly labelled as GD, is a methodology by which companies, institutes, business, etc use them to measure the performance of a particular person and gauge if he/she has certain leadership skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills, analytical skills, etc have or not. Based on the performance in the group discussions many freshers get a job or rejected. We provide tips and techniques on how to succeed in group discussions along with real life group discussions. Through this participants not only learn do’s and don’ts in the GD and our students develop self-confidence and fluency in English.

Presentation skills

“If you can’t communicate and talk to other people and get across your ideas, you’re giving up your potential.” – Warren Buffet

Presentation means presenting on a topic in front of set of audience in a formal way. Corporate executives, professionals, sales representatives, businessmen have to do presentation regularly in front of their clients, team members or management. Executives have to have excellent presentation skills. We help our students with tips and techniques to create and give impressive presentations. Professionals must deliver high impact presentation before a person or a of group of people for various purposes. Presentation skills are crucial for professional success. You might have to give a presentation for a job interview or for day-to-day business needs like presenting before your team about a new policy to be implemented. The main aim is to be a good presenter, excellent communicator of your ideas in less time leading your presentation to be more effective.

Public Speaking

“Make sure you have finished speaking before your audience has finished listening.”
– Dorothy Sarnoff

As the name suggests, public speaking is the process or act of performing a speech to a live audience. The main purpose is to enlighten, educate, entertain, or influence the listeners. Public speaking is done with a purpose of transmitting information, telling a story, motivation of a combination of those with some expectation of getting is implemented or inculcated among the masses.

Vocabulary development

The noun vocabulary (or vocab for short) refers to the words used in a language. Vocabulary is repository of words. There are number of words in English that we are unaware of and we must know to improve our language. When learning any language, our individual vocabulary is one of the most important skills to develop. Of course, all skills like grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation are important. English language has same spellings but different meanings and pronunciations and sometimes spelling is same but different pronunciations etc. So it is very important to have enough vocabulary. But it is far more difficult to communicate with no vocabulary than with no grammar. Developing your vocabulary is improving your store of new words every day. Vocabulary cannot be developed in a night. It has to be developed everyday. The more your vocabulary, the more richer and sophisticated your language get..!

Self confidence

When you have confidence….
You can soar like an eagle,
You can roar like a lion,
You can swim like a shark,
You can achieve like a champion.

Most of the people have lot of potential and have a dream to achieve success but they undermine the importance of self-confidence. It is not shallow. It is a deep sense of self-awareness within you that makes you confident without the clothes or modern-day armour that we love to cover ourselves in. Not only small goals, even big goals can be achieved with the help of self-confidence. Do not depend on other people to guide or judge you. Be confident that you will succeed.

Business Communication English

Business English is far more different than the normal English. It is usually spoken by business people and people working in corporates. It is also known as the formal English language which includes writing documents, writing emails, preparing presentations, etc. We provide training for learners who need to improve their ability while socialising, presenting, participating actively in meetings, teleconferencing, etc.

Practical Spoken English

Learning English grammar and practically using it are two different things. Some people are excellent in writing English using correct grammar but when it comes to speaking practically, they fumble and hesitate to speak. Here, we focus more on the practical approach through Group Discussions, Debates, and Role plays where a student not only becomes good at practical English but also becomes confident to face any kind of audience.

Effective body language

Body language plays an important role in expressing your thoughts. It is the most expressive way practised to understand the public and then reproduce your attitude and feelings to be communicated. Hand gestures, finger movements, facial expressions, use of space, intonation, etc., all comes under body language. It is a non-verbal communication. Everyone knows that words aren’t humans only way of communication. Body language is more important than verbal communication. Without expressions language produces a robotic tone and will fail to deliver the message to the public lacking to make an impression on them!

Fluency Development

Fluency is the art of expressing oneself easily, seamlessly, efficiently and articulately. Not all people can speak fluently or express their thoughts which one can understand. No person can develop this art overnight. It needs a lot practice on daily basis. The person with whom you are speaking should understand clearly what you are trying to say!We have articulators like our upper jaw, lower jaw, tongue, upper palate, lower palate, vocal chords, etc. They should be used in such a way that our speech should be audible and understandable.

Personality Development

“Personal development is a journey, not a destination.” – Anonymous

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Your life depends on kind of personality you have. Either you are growing in life or losing something in life. It all depends upon your personality. Your personality can make your life or destroy your life. Having self-confidence maturity, clarity of thinking, ability to make decisions or ability to manage your emotions and ability to handle your relationships all depends on your personality. If somebody fails to handle their relations, emotions, difficulties then, that person inviting troubles in life and developing powerful and strong personality is the best investment which gives the highest dividends in one’s life.

Interview Skills

How to succeed in interview is a very challenging. Whether candidates are fresher’s or experienced it is scary for thing for job seekers. If you know how to succeed then it’s alright or else we are here to help you to crack interviews effortlessly. We have expertise in how to build effective resume, group discussions(GD), grooming and dressing for interview, preparing for interviews, to have effective body language & self-confidence, interview questionnaires and effective answers. We even conduct mock sessions to make you confident and comfortable with interviews.

Positive attitude Development

There’s the saying, “Always be positive”. If you allow your state of mind to be positive every day, your attitude will follow. Attitude is nothing but the way of thinking or looking at a particular thing or people which can be positive, negative or neutral. Even if the situation is negative, always try to analyse and handle it with a positive perspective. Always turn your positive thoughts into negative thoughts. Sooner or later, your life will be filled with positive energy every day and life will be worth living! A positive attitude will help you to construct and strengthen your relationships, your career and your purpose of life. We have to believe that life is worth living and our belief will come true no matter how hard life smacks you down.

Emotional management

Our feelings are our emotions. Emotions can make our life of break our life. Life is all about balancing emotions. When we know how to manage our emotions and we can balance 360 degrees of our life. If we do not know how to manage emotions it’s pretty difficult to manage any part of our life. When we know our emotions, if we are able to read them, and manage them life becomes celebrations. Mastery on emotions can lead a successful life and fulfilled life.

Meditation for better life management

The difference between great personalities and average people is who practice meditation daily and who do not practice meditation. Meditation purifies mind, strengthens it and removes negativity and stress from one’s mind as well as life. It’s improves concentration. It develops positivity. It gives enormous energy. It balances emotions. It brings more peace and harmony in one’s life and in the society. The regular practice of meditation gives you rich dividends. The best usage of once time is practicing meditation. Before we practice it one must learn it how to practice it. There are lot of benefits of meditation. It makes our life stress free. It is always advisable to meditate before going to work and after coming home from work. No doubt it improves your concentration in whatever you do. It makes our lifestyle very healthy. It helps to reduce negative thoughts and keep a space for positive thoughts.