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Why job seekers fail in job interviews?

  1. Not preparing resume in an effective way.

There is no right or wrong way for preparing a resume. But it’s important. The most of the resumes are neither presentable nor organised, well structured. They are filled with blunders. It must be presentable, well organised and structured. It has to have information which is critical for employer’s point of view. It must not be too long or too short. It ought to be clear and crisp. It should not have any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or punctuation marks. These are small errors but cost you a job or an opportunity.

The best way to succeed in interviews is to start thinking like a employer not as a job seeker? If you can think like an employer you can definitely have answer for the above questions.

2. Not knowing objective of group discussions or what to do or not to in the group discussions?

Why group discussions are conducted? You may have simple answer for this is to eliminate the candidates. Off course some extent you are right. Objective is not eliminating candidates but to filter right candidates. They have the reason and purpose to conduct the group discussions. They would like to see some certain qualities in the candidates; they come to know only in the group discussions. They want candidate to have some soft skills and behavioural skill in the candidates like communication skills, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, listening skills, problem solving skills, creative thinking skills, logical and reasoning skills, thoughts organizing skills, and team playing skills etc. if any candidate has some of these above mentioned skills usually they are hired or selected.

3. Poor grooming and dressing sense for interviews?

As we all know that first impressions are long lasting impressions. We never get second chance to create first impression. So it’s important to groom well and dress well for an interview.

I have seen many candidates come for interviews, dressing in casuals, jeans, T-shirts etc. They wear untidy foot wears, sandles, chappals etc.  This is what causes failure in the interviews.

To impress interviewers, some candidates even wear fancy clothes, wear sports shoes, apply heavy makeup, spray strong deo/perfumes. In some professions it may work, but not in the corporate world and not for blue coloured jobs.

Dressing formally and wearing formal shoes gives pleasant look. It looks presentable. It also gives candidates self-confidence. It’s always better to have appropriate grooming and dressing. It may not guarantee you the job but surely help you create positive environment and help you in creating first impression on the interviewers or judges.

4. Being ignorant about questions asked during interviews.

What happens if you know the all  questions in exams? This may not be possible. But you can short list frequently asked questions which are asked during the interviews.

You can know by asking about these questions to your parents, seniors, your siblings, teachers or you can ask your google baba.

If you do research and development on some questions in advance before going for an interview it will help you a great way. But many candidates attend interviews without knowing the questions and answers. This is another reason which leads to failure in interviews.

5. Lack of self-confidence and carrying poor body language

Our face is index of our mind. Our body language shows lot about us before we speak anything. it’s true that our body language says thousand things about us even before we speak. It shows that, your level of confident? Are  you scared?

Not preparing enough for the interview? Are prepared or not prepared? Are you lazy or passionate about job or career? Your eye contact signals a lot. Your gestures, postures speak a lot about. The volume of voice, pace of voice shows that are you confident or nervous. The way, you carry yourself, the way you stand, the way you sit and the way present everything sends messages to the interviewer.

Carrying poor body language, not maintaining eye contact, lacking self-confidence, your postures and gestures and your voice matters a lot. It is one the most important ingredient to succeed in the interviews. Without effective body language you can not think of succeeding.

6. Develop your English Speaking skills

Speaking English in interviews is key to success in all type of white colloured job interviews. After interview we may speak with our colleagues, our team members, our bosses, vendors, customers and clients in Hindi or sometimes in our regional languages but to perform well in interviews we have to speak in English only. Because world has become global village. English language has become universal language. Now in information age it has become business language. It is a language of corporate world. It is a preferred business language.

When you speak English  in interviews, it gives you confidence. You sound presentable and professional. You can negotiate better.  Even some times if you are not good in technical skills but you can manage or cover up with good English speaking skills. 

Without English communication skills do expect to perform well in the group discussions and job interviews. Without Spoken English, you may get a job in small companies for low pay but if you want a big company; big brand; reputed organization;  very good career growth and with handsome package. There is no substitute for English language in present era. So better learn, develop and improve English speaking skills.

7. Lack of practice for interviews.

What happens to a student, who does prepare for exams and goes to give exams? Let’s put  same thing in other way; a soldier goes to battle field without preparation ? in both the cases it’s guaranteed that student fails and soldier also gets defeated or even it may cost him life. No one likes failures. No one likes to be failed in whatever we attempt to do. The key to success is practice, practice and practice. We all know that practice makes man perfect. Not only man even women also. More you sweat in the practice lesser you bleed in the battle field. There is no short cut to success. It’s only the way is practice. More you practice role plays of   questions and answers better you are going to become.