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7 Tricks To Develop Self-Confidence And Fluency In English

7 Tricks To Develop Self-Confidence And Fluency In English

English is an international language. It is a language of social and business communication. English language and technology has made the world a global village.  It is a language of internet and technology. It is a stepping stone for professional and personal success. It makes you confident. It induces power within you. Speaking in English gives you social status.

Many try many ways. Work hard to learn English speaking. But the majority of the crowd fails. Not because they are not smart, intelligent or working hard. They fail because they don’t have the right plan, the right strategy and the right process.

We are enlisting here 7 secrets for developing your confidence and fluency in your English Speaking. These 7 secrets are tried and tested. They are simple, practical and result oriented. They have helped thousands of people to enhance their English language skills. If you try, you will also reap the same success.

  1. Learn the basics of English Grammar. It’s difficult to speak without understanding the basics of   English grammar. You don’t have to know every rule of grammar book but you must know the essentials of the grammar. When you speak with errors, it does not look presentable and others judge you. It’s better to know some essentials of the grammar.  It gives you clarity. It helps you to make correct sentences. It helps what to include, what not to. Or when to put and how to put. This gives clarity and it builds your self-confidence.
  2. Practice KISS – Keep it (language) short and simple. The majority of the population has a myth that if they have to speak English they must make long sentences or complex sentences. This you way they think that they can impress others. Fortunately, they are wrong. The objective of communication is to communicate your thoughts, ideas, feelings and information and not to confuse with your long sentences or complex sentences or with difficult vocabulary. If you see movies, web-series, television soaps and read the work of great writers and bloggers use simple language to communicate their ideas. They use simple vocabulary. They frame short sentences. They use simple language. They use language to express their ideas not to impress or confuse others. They keep their language short and simple.
  3. Begin using a digital dictionary to build vocabulary. The language is a game of words. Words are swords in the language. The appropriate usage of words makes language beautiful, impressive and interesting. More you have better it is. You can use them lavishly. Rich vocabulary cannot be developed in a day or night. It is developed every day.   You don’t have to carry a hard copy of a dictionary anywhere these days. You can use a digital dictionary on mobile, tabs or internet. Plenty of digital dictionaries available online in the Google Play Store for your usage. Develop the habit of using a dictionary to know the correct meaning, pronunciation, spelling and usage of the word.
  4. Start reading celebrity interviews in English. Mostly interviews of superstars are usually in conversations. Conversations are between the celebrity and journalists.  The conversations are simple. Easy to understand. You see how sentences are framed. You can see how grammar and vocabulary are used. You will have more exposure to the English language. You can learn new words, new sentences, and ideas on how to talk on different topics. Sometimes you know the grammar and vocabulary but not able to use the grammar and vocabulary in the real world.  By reading celebrity interviews, you will enhance your vocabulary, appropriate use of grammar, and exposure to the language.
  5. Start watching celebrity interviews, movies, and videos in English. In the previous statement, I recommended to read celebrity interviews and now I am asking you to watch them on youtube or television. Reading has its benefits and watching has its advantage. By watching you can hear correct pronunciation; you can see the right usage of body language. In videos words have emotions. Words without emotions don’t carry the right meaning. Words without emotions are useless. They are mechanical. Looks like you are a machine without feelings. You cannot connect with the audience. You never build the rapport. You never have the impact or influence on others without words carrying the emotions. You will never be successful without the right amount of emotions in your words and facial expressions, tone, and body language. We learn more by watching than by reading, listening and thinking. Visual learning is better, faster, and more effective than auditory learning. Scientifically it is proved that visual learning is more powerful than auditory learning. The best way to learn about emotions, body language, tone, correct pronunciation and right application of grammar and vocabulary is by watching celebrity interviews, movies and videos on different subjects in English. So start watching English videos.
  6. Practice speaking daily. The best way to learn speaking any language is by speaking. We already know at least one language. We hadn’t learnt our mother tongue by joining the class or learning grammar. Just by speaking, we have learnt our language. We kept on practising till we achieved the outcome. That’s how we must do with the English language. After learning grammar, building vocabulary, reading, and watching English videos if you don’t practice speaking, it is useless. Even though you haven’t attended an English grammar class or without enough vocabulary if you kept speaking you improve a lot. The best way to learn any skill or language is practice. Right practice makes the man and woman perfect in any skill. Develop the habit of speaking. You develop the habit of speaking and that habit develops your speaking skills. I would like to remind you a powerful dialogue from the movie “300” “More you sweat in the practice lesser you bleed in the battleground.” This is applicable to even learning our language skills. The best way to learn any language is to speak, speak and speak.
  7. Enjoy the process. You can’t reach your destination if you don’t enjoy the journey. You must have passion, dedication, enthusiasm, and focus on the goal.  The best way to achieve any goal is first to know the process. And second is follow the process. If you don’t know the process and then you can’t follow the process. Even you know the process, but don’t follow it till you can’t achieve your desired outcome. Now you are aware of the seven secrets to develop your English speaking skills. Follow the process and enjoy the process. If you don’t enjoy the process, you don’t follow it or you quit it early. It shouldn’t be a struggle. When you enjoy learning something it’s not boring. It’s not a burden. When you know the outcome and fruits of the efforts you give your best and enjoy the process.

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