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What is Personality Development?

              What is Personality Development? Many people still think that Personality Development is related only to the physical appearance of a person, whereas it means an overall improvement in all spheres of an individual’s life.

               All of us are aware that an individual’s personality is the overall sum total of his qualities, characteristics, attitudes, psychological traits, beliefs and motives which make up his identity.

               Personality plays an important role in once personal and professional life. Personality is the buzzword of today’s era. Everybody wants it but only few can improve it. It’s not like, it is hard to achieve but requires serious effort. It always defines the persona of a human being. It always requires the improvement, it’s not like perfection. It is the state of having attributes viz good sense of humour, right body language, self-confidence, communication skills, good pronunciation skill, etc.

             Anyone who possess these qualities can have good personality. It can be developed over the period not overnight but it do requires sincere effort and fire to achieve.

            We sometimes say, that person is dynamic personality and the other is dull personality. So the personality defines how you are? It always depends on how are we projecting ourselves in front of others. If we are keeping smile on our face, response well to other’s queries, self-confident,

decisive, communicating well, presenting well then we can called as a nice persona. On the other hand if we always give dull expressions, pessimistic approach, negative attitude, non-decisive, confused then we will be called so melancholic personality.

             These personality traits are actual fundamentals of our relationships with others. Our relationships always depend on how we behave with others and how are we expressing ourselves to others and how are we taking others view. So the personality is all about how are we behaving with others and how are we expressing ourselves and it determines our surroundings.

               Sometimes we say, due to our surrounding our nature became like this but it can be said as due to our nature only we find our surrounding like our nature. It all about how are we seeing the things. Our personality defines our personal and professional growth.

Personal growth:

              Personal growth always depends on how are we presenting ourselves in front of our relatives, friends or in society. How are we behaving with them, how are we communicating. If we are good in our behaviour, communication skills, knowledgeable and make others happy while communicating then we always find that people, nearby us are praising us and say he is a dynamic personality.

Professional growth: 

              Personality always defines our professional trajectory. It gives us tremendous growth if we

see the things in right perspective. If we are the part of solution then everybody likes it but if we are part of problem then nobody would like us or not want to come near to us.

              If you communicating well, representing your views well and listen to others, always carry positive approach towards problem then your chances of growth in professional life is very bright. So always think in right direction and improve your personality.

       By pursuing a course in Personality Development, an individual gets a positive thought pattern apart from gaining confidence, improving behaviour, learning better communication and also developing an attractive appearance.

A few good Personality Development tips are to focus on your communication skills and create your own personal style. The first impression anybody gets about us is the way we communicate. Having a composed, apt, balanced and clear way of speaking will surely get noticed and appreciated by all. One should create and develop his own persona rather than emulating others.

Secondly, we must be immaculately dressed. The attire need not be branded or expensive, but clean and well kept. One must not be unnecessarily aggressive and should learn to have patience.

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