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How An Underdog Became Confident And Excellent Teacher

Vaishali Sargar was an undergraduate working woman at a Montessori school near her house. She was a simple and typical villager. She was a timid woman. She could not express herself well in front of people because of her introverted nature. She had a 3-4 years old son. She would take him with her to the play school.

She gave many interviews in some leading and reputed schools but could not get a job in those schools because of her lack of English language skills and low confidence. She failed in interviews over and over again. She could not do anything. She was helpless. But she had a burning desire to work as a teacher in one of these leading schools in Navi Mumbai.

Vaishali shared her language problems and about her timid nature. She wanted to develop her English speaking skills and her personality. But she doubted whether she was able to develop her personality or not. Eventually, she decided to join Maxam Mind Institute for developing her communication skills, confidence, and fluency in the English language.

She started the journey of developing herself and her personality. Within a couple of months, Vaishali was able to speak with confidence and fluency in the English language.

One day she shared an incident that happened in the school. Till that time she was never allowed to interact with the parents of her students. She never faced any parents during PTM (parents and teachers meeting). Once there were a short of teachers to conduct PTM one day in the school. Vaishali went and volunteered to take parent’s meetings. She conducted all meetings with parents with confidence and courage.

The next day school principal heard about the performance of Vaishali from colleagues. The principal said to Vaishali, “Well done. This gesture was unexpected. Keep it up.” First time in her career Vaishali was appreciated by the principal for her work. Vaishali was delighted to share this incident.

After this incident one day, a young man entered Maxam Mind’s Kharghar branch office. I offered him the chair to sit at the reception counter. I asked the man, “How may I help sir?”
The man said, “I am Raju Sargar husband of your student Vaishali Sargar. I am an IT professional work in an IT company. I am impressed by my wife’s English language skills improvement. She was very poor in spoken and written English. She has improved a lot now recently after joining this institute. Many of my friends told me that English language skills can’t be learned and developed. Because they joined institutes but couldn’t develop their English speaking skills. But after my wife’s complete positive transformation, I decided to join Maxam Mind Institute to improve my communication skills.”

I asked, “What problems do you have about communication skills?”
Raju said, “I am B.Tech in IT engineering. I am born and brought up in Sangli district Maharashtra. I have 12 years of professional experience. I manage a team of 12 members. I am qualified, skilled, and have enough work experience but I can’t grow in my career. I can’t express it well. I fumble while speaking in English. I am confused about grammar rules. I can’t make sentences and draft emails. Sometimes I stuck up while having the conversation. I have low confidence and lack of fluency. I can’t do a presentation in front of my bosses and my clients. Because of this I am neither getting promotions nor increment. I am thinking to change my job for better career opportunities but can’t get better opportunities without my communication skills and presentation skills.”

Raju joined Maxam Mind classes for developing his English language skills, communication skills, and presentation skills for better career opportunities.

Meanwhile, Vaishali completed her course successfully.

Recently I received a Teachers Day greetings message on what’s the app on Teachers Day from Vaishali Sargar. The message was written in her words, “Wish you a Happy Teachers Day Sir. You are a wonderful teacher. You are a humble and sincere person. You are excellent at your job. You are my role model. Thank you for teaching the English language in such a simple and easy way. You made me a confident and fluent speaker in the English language.”
I replied, “You are a very sincere and hardworking student. You deserved this. You are also a superb teacher for your students. You are developing children of the 21st century. I too wish you a Happy ‘Teachers Day’.”
Vaishali replied, “Thank you, Sir. Your words mean a lot to me. Due to lockdown, I am staying in my hometown these days. I am conducting English sessions for children in my hometown. They are learning and improving a lot. This is all because of you Sir.”
“That’s amazing. You are doing a great job. Congratulations. Keep it up. God bless you” I replied.

She replied, obediently “Thank you, sir.”

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