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Presentation Skills

What is presentation?

Presentation is a way of communication, by which one shares information on a subject in formal way. It is the part of business communication. To succeed professionally whether as an executive or a business owner, or sales representative one must have command well on presentation skills. Without this many professionals can’t grow in their respective career and can’t meet sales targets.

Having this skill has its own advantage. As we learn many others skills, we can also learn presentation skills and we can develop it.

To learn and develop this skill we need to focus more on following points.

To make it even more simple, let discuss these Four P’s.

1) Planning

2) Preparation                                          

3) Presentation

4) Practice

1) Planning

This is the most important part of presentation. If you want to do a presentation successfully, we need to plan it systematically. No matter what we do, planning always helps us arrange the sequence, organize the resources and utilize the time efficiently.

  • Know the audience profile

Knowing audience is the most important thing of the presentation. A good presenter always knows who are his audience like their educational background, age of the participants, do they have any subject knowledge or not, experience and number of audiences. What are problems, needs, wants and expectations from the listeners. It helps presenter to fulfil their objectives and solve their problems. Without knowing the audience it is highly impossible to deliver an impactful presentation. Good planner always aware of how to use his own skills and tools in the most effective and efficient manner.

  • Know the logistics available:

If presenter is aware of logistics and how to use them well in advance which helps him to best use of his tools. If something is missing can arrange or find alternative ways or else manage without them.

  • Know the duration of presentation

Duration of Presentations could be any anything. So you need to do preparation according to time available for the presentation. Many times on same topic you have to do presentation for 30 minutes, or 60 minutes or even one day or it could be 1 week also. You can do preparation according to duration of the presentation. You can’t finish long presentations shortly or short one into lengthy.

2) Preparation

This is all about content. The content is the king. We need to organize content systematically according audience needs, wants and their expectations within stipulated time. You must collect it and organize it in the most effective way with respect to audience’s profile. No matter what you prepare, according to you, may be the best ideas or content in the world, but if doesn’t fulfil audience’s expectations it’s gone. You have to a have very good content which meets objective of the audience.

3) Presentation

This part is all about body language. Without effective body language no one can do effective presentations.

Nobody likes watching boring movies even there is a good story. No matter what kind of content you have prepared it’s not effective without good command on body language. A presenter without confidence on his face, without right body posture, hand movements and without right vocal skills, can’t influence and impress the audience. Good presenter ought to work on body language also.

4) Practice

After excellent planning, having good content and learning body language if you don’t synchronize content with right body language then there more chances of going presentation flop. Now you must imbibe content and effective body language together. You need to practice. You must believe in practice makes man perfect. A skilled warrior always knows that more he sweats in the practice and lesser he bleeds in the battle.

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