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There are 3 types of people in the world

There are 3 types of people in the world
The first one, the people who do their job well. They take responsibility. They take life seriously. They are accountable and responsible for their words and their actions. They are passionate about their job and life. They love and care for their family. They always take the lead in the team or group. They take care of their people and team. They are successful in their career and life. They are happy and sooner or later they become the leaders of their society or community or company.
The second type of people, need somebody to tell them what to do, what they have to do every day. They need somebody at home; the office, and society. If they are student, they need somebody to tell to do their homework, assignments and school work. They can’t do anything themselves. They need always somebody to tell them what to do. These people always become the followers of the first category. These people are also happy with their position and situation.
The third type of people is neither from the first type nor the second type. They are neither leaders nor followers. They don’t lead and they don’t even follow. They never take responsibility and accountability in their profession and life. They are a pessimist. They keep complaining, criticizing, and condemning their people, company, workplace, society, and even their family and themselves. They don’t have hope in their life. They don’t trust anyone. They don’t have faith in themselves. These people are hopeless. They are unhappy and unsuccessful in their life.
The question is what type of person are you?

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