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How to succeed in interviews in modern era?

Whether one is a fresher or experienced no matter of what one should know how to succeed in interviews?

Many people whether attending interview first time in life or experienced in career almost everyone have butterflies in the stomach. Real cause of interview fear must be lack of knowledge, unpreparedness, poor grooming, not having right body language, lack of self-confidence or poor communication skills in English language.

What happens if a soldier who goes to war without preparation? Soldier might die, loose the war, get murdered or he might be captured? A soldier cannot afford to be unpreparedness. He ought to be prepared.

What happens if a student goes to exam without preparation, for an exam? He may fail. He may loose his valuable one year.

So If one would like to succeed in the interviews that person must be well prepared, mentally, physically and technically.

First of all he has to have good command over the English language. Candidate might be a topper in the college academically but without Spoken English I doubt anybody would be get selected. Confidence comes by having understanding of English language. To achieve a success in interview one should think like an employer. Candidate has to think like an interviewer. He needs to know about  job description, what are employer’s problems, expectations, roles and responsibilities, skills, knowledge, abilities and experience required for the job, if one is able to figures it out then it would be easier for fulfilling  employer’s expectations and requirements. Every step taken by the candidate must be towards fulfilling of employer’s expectations.

Technical skills:

Candidates no matter what background they have, they need to prepare on their core area of expertise. For example IT professional , he should have very good understanding of his own field. If candidate has background of commerce, he must be well versed with relevant knowledge and exposure.

Group Discussions:

 If candidates are fresher and there are too many candidates, it would be hard to take interview for all candidates so to eliminate so many employers may or might conduct group discussion. One should know how to perform well in the group discussion. Usually companies expect candidates to have good communication skills, listening skills, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, presentation skills etc.  Job seekers have to prepare in this aspect.

Dressing and grooming for the interview:

Many job seekers don’t know how to dress formally or ignorant or poorly dressed for the interview.  Either candidates dress poorly or don’t dress formally. Remember guys we never get second chance to create first impressions. By dressing and grooming well we can have good confidence and we can create good first impression.

Effective Body Language:

The way we carry our body it gives lot of signals without our awareness. Having good positive body language it always helps every area of our life. Having self-confidence, having pleasing personality, having  right body posture, facial expressions, hand gestures give lot of vibes.

Preparations for interview:

The day which one has interview should be formally dressed and groomed. Must carry all copies 4-5 number of educational qualification documents, certificates of past achievements, any certifications from any reputed institutes, experience and relieving letter if it is there. Always one must reach venue well  in advance. One must attend interview with positive hope and lot of expectations.

FAQs in the interviews:

Candidates must be aware of what kind of questions will be asked during the interviews. They must not only should know questions and one should know also answers. Candidates must rehearse well for the interview.  All questions must be answered point to point. Answers must be correct, clear, concise and complete. One must not bluff in the interviews. If one does know the answer, tell it openly, “I do not know the answer.” Honest and straight forward answers win the heart of the interviewer. There are no guarantees or warranty for the job. But we always have opportunities and possibilities in the life. Well organised skills, preparations always may not bring a job but well prepared, organised, good grooming and dressing will definitely increases the chances of getting a job at every attempt. So never lose your hope. There is a job for every candidate and every job needs a candidate.