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Deputy Commissioner Dr. Maheshdas Dangade

Deputy Commissioner Dr. Maheshdas Dangade

Dr. Maheshdas Dangade (Name changed) was a Deputy Commissioner of the Maharashtra Government in the revenue department. He was in his early fifties. He was a veterinary doctor by qualification.

It was evening and my phone was ringing. I picked up and said, “Hello.”
Voice Said, “Hello Sir”
I asked, “May I know who is on the line?”
Voice said, “I am Dr Dangade, I am calling from Sanpada. I have a problem with my communication skills. I would like to join your class? I said, “Ok, please come and meet me at Maxam Mind’s Kharghar center. We will discuss your problem and course of action. I will text you my office address on this number.”

Voice said, “Ok Sir, Thank you. I will meet you as soon as possible.”
Within an hour Dr. Maheshdas Dangade reached Maxam Mind Kharghar center.

We both discussed his problems and his expectations from the program. I recommended him 50 hours of customized personal coaching. Dr. Dangade had doubts about the results. And he asked, with doubt, “Sir, do you think I will be able to speak in English with confidence within 50 hours of training?”

I said, “Yes, of course. Within 50 hours of training, you will be able to speak in English.” I assured him. “But Sir, I am a qualified doctor, I am 53 years old. I have this problem ever since my childhood. And you are saying that you will eradicate this, such a long-held problem within 50 hours. How, Sir?” “Do you think it is an achievable goal?”

I said, “You have a valid reason to doubt me and my assurance. You think this is a long-held issue. But for me, it is my routine. I am not going to do any experiments on you. I have tried and tested methodology which helped thousands of people to achieve their outcome. So you have to trust me. You don’t have to wait till the last class ends to see the results. You will be able to see the improvement with your own eyes and witness the difference.”
Finally, Dr. Dangade got convinced and paid the fees upfront and joined the course.

He attended the first session. I asked him, “How was the session?” He said, “It was nice Sir. Still, I have a doubt? Do you think, I can speak in English well within 50 hours of training?”

I said, “You have already paid the fees and joined the course. Please have faith in me. Wait and watch for the results.”

After 4-5 sessions, Dr. Dangade said at the beginning of the session. “I have good news for you, sir!”
I asked with curiosity.
“Good news! (With excitement)What is that good news?”
He said, my boss, told me that, “I am speaking well in English these days.”
“Dr. Dangade, that’s not just good news, that is great news,” I said with excitement. “Usually the boss does not appreciate the efforts of the sub-ordinates but he appreciated it means a lot Doctor.” “Congratulations Doctor.” Now I have delivered what I had committed. Now you are the witness of your improvement. That means you are heading in the right direction. Keep it up, Doctor.

Dr. Dangade started trusting me. He was Deputy Commissioner of Government of Maharashtra, he was more powerful than me, he was a qualified doctor. Age-wise he was elder to me, he was more experienced, more knowledgeable than me in every area of life except this English. It was not his problem. It was my honor and privilege to train such a person. He was a very polite, sincere honest student. He completed all class assignments on time. He never showed his power, arrogance to me. He was very approachable.

After 10-15 sessions, Dr. Dangade arrived at the center with a big smile on his face. “Sir today I have a big surprise for you!” “That’s a great way to start the day,” I said. “May I know the surprise please?” asked with curiosity. He started, “Last year I had a meeting with Principals of all Navi Mumbai colleges. Mostly they all had a conversation with me in English only. I answered all their questions in the Marathi language. I was not comfortable with talking with them in English. I did not talk to them openly and freely. Yesterday I had the same meeting with the same principals. It was for an hour. I took the entire meeting in English. I answered all their questions in English with confidence and fluency. I was thrilled for the whole day yesterday. It was a big achievement for me yesterday. I dreamed my entire life to speak in English. I was able to speak in English such nicely. The entire credit goes to you, sir.” “Finally I was able to deliver my promise. My job is done now” I added to his excitement.

Dr. Dangade attended almost all his sessions. He was overwhelmed by the results. Within a couple of months, he got a transfer to another place. He moved to another city in Maharashtra.

After 4-5 months, Dr. Dangade had sent me an invitation for his son’s wedding at his native place Aurangabad. I was more than happy to see the invitation. I helped him to overcome his communication problems. I think I earned my place in his heart.

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